Our Corporate Privacy Services

The list of data protection and data security issues and requirements is long and complex – we break it down into sizable bits and support you on your way to privacy compliance!

As a “one-stop shop”, Data Business Services specializes in all questions and requirements that arise or may arise in connection with data protection, data security and data privacy services in USA. In addition to handling day-to-day tasks for our clients, we are also geared toward sustainability for instance in case of regulatory changes and/or new conditions, such as those arising from restructuring the company.

In order to offer our U.S. clients a better and, above all, personal service Data Business Services has offices in Palo Alto (CA), Charlotte (NC) and New York (NY).

We offer

Document Check, Impact Assessments and more

Privacy compliance starts with good documentation. We review your existing documents and policies, vet your vendors and provide you with impact assessments.

Maintenance of Privacy Tools

Organizations are using privacy management tools to keep up with the increasing demands of data protection. We can efficiently maintain these tools for you, ensuring smooth compliance with evolving privacy requirements.

External Privacy Officer

The Privacy Officer is responsible for understanding data privacy legislation and keeping your business in compliance with up-to-date privacy regulations. Additionally, Privacy Officers are tasked with educating your business & employees about processing/collecting data and carrying out security audits & risk assessments.


Although there is currently no legal requirement to appoint a Privacy Officer, every company should appoint one to signal to its partners and customers that data protection is important to the company. In some industries, such as energy, communications, banking or insurance, the presence of a Privacy Officer has become an industry standard.

What are the typical tasks of a Privacy Officer?

Privacy Officers are responsible for everything related to privacy and data collection within your organization. These are some of the key responsibilities of a Privacy Officer:

  • Moderating your business’ compliance with applicable data privacy laws
  • Educating employees on privacy and data protection
  • Advising and assisting multiple departments within your business regarding data protection
  • Provide strategies to improve your business’ data collection efforts
  • Maintain records of data processing activities for your business

An External Privacy Officer often makes sense

As part of its service portfolio, Data Business Services offers External Privacy Officers for your business. Their services range from basic consulting to taking on all the responsibilities of a Privacy Officer. Flexible models allow us to tailor our services to your specific needs.

An External Privacy Officer from Data Business Services ensures an outstanding level of competence in the designated area of responsibility. For example, in supporting your internal data protection department on site.

Data Business Services also provides the complete service for an internal data protection department via outsourcing. You don’t want to bear the burden of appointing a Privacy Officer within your own staff? Fortunately, you don’t have to. If you prefer, our External Privacy Officer can perform all the functions of a Privacy Officer in your company. With an expert on board, you can easily comply with all legal requirements without stretching your existing staff capacity. The rules and regulations of today’s data protection laws are changing so rapidly that only someone who is dedicated to the subject can keep track of all the rapid developments.


The advantages are obvious: With a specialist on board, you easily meet all legal requirements, without straining your existing manpower capacity.


Employees handling personal data need to be trained on what they can and cannot do with personal data. We offer web-based trainings providing modern content on data privacy and data security.

Say goodbye to the notion that data protection and security is just an executive issue. On the contrary, it affects every single employee. Ongoing training on security-related issues is not only important, but, depending on the company, may even be mandatory.

A critical success factor for such trainings is to present these often “dry” topics in a practical and lively manner. Your employees should not see this training as just another mandatory safety exercise. If you can get them emotionally involved, they will not only be more knowledgeable, but also more aware of how to handle data more sensitively. Ideal conditions for getting your employees excited about privacy and security.

Knowing, what dealing with data is all about.

Depending on your individual needs and requirements, Data Business Services offers companywide trainings, personal coachings or support for your company’s internal units and data protection officers. This makes sure that the content and setting of these trainings best reflect and tackle your daily business challenges. In addition to classic trainings on site, we also offer our coaching services as video-streams – or a mix of both.

How we can help your business grow its data protection framework

Establishing a data protection framework within your business is not a one-time job; it grows over time and touches several areas, including:
Organisation: We know the components of a data protection framework like the back of our hand and are eager to implement a framework that is tailored to your specific business needs.
Technical: IT security plays an integral role in establishing a data protection framework because so much of today’s data is processed digitally. We can help you implement the right technical measures to safeguard your data.
Strategical: A good privacy framework demonstrates a commitment to responsible and ethical data practices, builds trust with customers and partners, and enhances your reputation in the marketplace.
Legal: We are experts in local U.S. privacy regulations and know the ins and outs of state privacy laws.

Assessments, documents and more

We have an extensive collection of assessments, documents, and templates to help you quickly build your privacy framework.

On-site presence

We’re happy to visit your team in person for workshops or on-site training.

Point of contact for regulators

We serve as your single point of contact with regulators.

State Legislation

We are happy to work with you on your privacy compliance – even across state lines.

Our service portfolio also includes

  • USA-wide data protection and data security services
  • External Data Protection Officers for USA
  • “Corporate Privacy Services” (full-service provider for internal data protection departments)
  • Registration and notification services with state supervisory authorities
  • Data protection consulting service for developing and launching apps
  • Data protection auditing
  • Support for cross-company data protection departments/company-wide data protection services
  • Confirmation of data protection reliability
  • Data protection agreements
  • Data protection manuals
  • Management of privacy tools
  • Company-wide data protection officers
  • Company representative for data protection authority
  • Development and implementation of Binding Corporate Rules for Processors
  • Development and implementation of Binding Corporate Rules for Controllers
  • Data protection training
  • DPIAs (data protection impact assessments) & PIAs (privacy impact assessments)