When data protection and data privacy services in USA, then Data Business Services.

Since 2022, Data Business Services has been advising clients in the United States on data protection issues and guiding them on their path to privacy compliance.

Our Corporate Privacy Services

The list of data protection and data security issues and requirements is long and complex – we break it down into sizable bits and support you on your way to privacy compliance!

As a “one-stop shop”, Data Business Services specializes in all questions and requirements that arise or may arise in connection with data protection, data security and data privacy services in USA. In addition to handling day-to-day tasks for our clients, we are also geared toward sustainability for instance in case of regulatory changes and/or new conditions, such as those arising from restructuring the company.

Document Check, Impact Assessments and more

Privacy compliance starts with good documentation. We review your existing documents and policies, vet your vendors and provide you with impact assessments.

Maintenance of Privacy Tools

Organizations are using privacy management tools to keep up with the increasing demands of data protection. We can efficiently maintain these tools for you, ensuring smooth compliance with evolving privacy requirements.

External Privacy Officer

The External Privacy Officer of Data Business Services is responsible for ensuring that your company is in compliance with the latest data protection regulations. We take care of all your data protection compliance needs so you can focus on what you do best – successfully running your business!


Employees handling personal data need to be trained on what they can and cannot do with personal data. We offer web-based trainings providing modern content on data privacy and data security.

Areas of Expertise

Data protection can no longer be seen as a separate domain. It intersects with many areas such as data security, artificial intelligence, and more.

In response to these changes, we are expanding our areas of expertise:

Data Protection

A stringent data protection strategy is one of the key characteristics of a modern enterprise. Data Business Services supports you in implementing all legal requirements concerning data protection.More Details »

Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange

TISAX is an automotive industry standard for handling confidential information and data and protecting prototypes.More Details »
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has taken the world by storm. Data Business Services USA supports you in implementing all legal requirements to safely use Artificial Intelligence within your organization.More Details »

Data Privacy Framework (DPF) Certification

Our certification program will provide your business with a reliable mechanism for personal data transfers to the United States while ensuring a consistent data protection level.More Details »

State Privacy Legislation

Over the past years, a lot of privacy regulations have popped up across the United States.


Because companies across the United States handle personal data, we have specialized in certain State privacy laws to provide our clients with high-level support and guidance – while also maintaining a focus on federal developments:

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Our Team

Our team of privacy experts includes legal professionals, data protection experts, and cybersecurity specialists. Together, we strive to provide organizations with top-notch compliance solutions tailored to their specific needs.

About Data Business Services USA

Our clients value our one-stop-shop solutions. We combine deep IT knowledge with comprehensive legal expertise. Focusing on the areas of data privacy and protection, IT and information security, we support clients throughout the United States. We value proximity to our customers, that’s why we are present in Palo Alto, Charlotte, and New York.

What exactly characterizes the clients of Data Business Services?
Our clients are established companies in the American economy – ranging from successful industrial corporations to medium-sized businesses. In short: Businesses with a distinct necessity for security, for whom data protection is a top priority matter.


Data Business Services USA has partnered with a variety of companies to provide you with a true one-stop solution: we are your partner for all your privacy needs.

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