Areas of Expertise

Data protection can no longer be seen as a separate domain. It intersects with many areas such as data security, artificial intelligence, and more.

In response to these changes, we are expanding our areas of expertise:

Specialization data-protection

Data Protection

A stringent data protection strategy is one of the key characteristics of a modern enterprise. Data Business Services supports you in implementing all legal requirements concerning data protection.

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Expertise Data Security

Data Security

Data security plays an integral part in privacy compliance. Securing your systems is key to prohibit unauthorized access to your employees’ or customers’ data.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has taken the world by storm. Data Business Services USA supports you in implementing all legal requirements to safely use Artificial Intelligence within your organization.

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TISAX Trusted Information Security

Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange

TISAX is an automotive industry standard for handling confidential information and data and protecting prototypes. Having successfully guided previous clients through their TISAX certification, we are well prepared to help your company achieve TISAX compliance.

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State Privacy Legislation

Over the past years, a lot of privacy regulations have popped up across the United States.


Because companies across the United States handle personal data, we have specialized in certain State privacy laws to provide our clients with high-level support and guidance – while also maintaining a focus on federal developments: