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Data Security

Data security plays an integral part in privacy compliance. Securing your systems is key to prohibit unauthorized access to your employees’ or customers’ data.

Data protection is primarily implemented by securing your data against unauthorized access, modification or disclosure. This may be implemented by securing your IT infrastructure.

From a regulatory perspective, the business collecting the data is responsible for following the obligations of the CCPA and CPRA, including any third parties acting on their behalf.

Or, looking at it from a different angle: The IT systems used for data security are – from a legal point of view – only installations. Yet, the businesses operating them are fully responsible for operating them according to all relevant regulations.

Rest assured: We make sur that you can conduct business with your partners and clients faster thanks to our data protection strategy. You can focus on your core business without worrying about the complex issues of data protection and data security.


For example, if a company runs an online store with an inadequate password policy, it is literally playing with fire. Secure collection, use, and control of personal data requires IT systems that function properly at all times.


Documented security for your business.

For all these requirements, Data Business Services offers you the compilation of an individual “Security Manual for Applications”. This manual covers all data-critical applications and describes the technical and organizational measures taken to comply with legal and security-related requirements. In this way, data security is no longer a closed book, but is well documented. It also provides reliable reports should your data security measures ever be questioned by external parties.